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Linda  radiates with the love of the Lord. She transcended barriers and defeated odds that have birthed her purpose in the Kingdom of God.

She helps women overcome the cycle of toxic relationships,heal from traumatic experiences, become whole and gain confidence to walk in their purpose and  live the best live GOD intended them to live. The Lord uses her effectively as an instrument through prophetic prayer, counseling and her many best selling books.

She is also an entrepreneur and Kingdom Financier.

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Erica Richards (@erica_nicole_919)

Jck brand (Linda) has been a true blessing in my life. God has used her to shed light on many situations in my life. I thank her for allowing God to use her to bring deliverance to many. Through that obedience, many women of God are being prepared and strengthened with the power and might that only God can provide.

I have and will continue to recommend people to be a part of this ministry or connect with her. This ministry is truly driven by none other than God himself. It is not a self-loathing or self-serving ministry. This ministry brings healing for the sick, deliverance for the afflicted and peace for those suffering spiritually. This ministry has helped me tremendously and people can see the change in me since I've come across Jck brand. Truly a blessing!

I have become spiritually bolder since coming in contact with Jck brand. The fire that burns transcends to those who are diligently seeking God. I am no longer easily shaken. I use the boldness that God has gifted me with to declare changes to my situation. I use that boldness to declare victory for me and my children. My whole way of thinking has changed. I no longer feel defeated when things don't work out exactly how/when I expect. I just continue to trust in God's timing!


Tammi Duggs-Edwards (@JadensMom1)

JCK Brand has truly been a blessing to me! Linda you are an annointed woman of God and I am grateful that you allow God to use you in such a mighty capacity. You prayed for me and counseled me during my one-to-one session with you and my life has truly changed. You were able to reveal things  in my life that only I knew of and new things that The Holy Sprit revealed that the enemy was hiding from me! I have witnessed blessings in my own life that I know are the work of God, some of my inner most prayers are being answered, things that I shared with no one. 

If a person is truly seeking to hear from God and/or just in need of a true intercessor, there is no one else I would recomend but you- Linda. You're humble and obedient.

I have been healed physically of fibroids, insomnia and migraine headaches. True listening to you during my one-to-one session and on the prayer line, I have really gained new understanding. You told me during my session with you that you were also praying for God to reveal some things to me and I have received and still am getting diving revelation! The best part about it is that not only am I receiving revelation but I am now able to deal with things, I know I would not have been able to handle previously. 


Sherry Dallas ( @jus_shay)

JCK Brand has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Initially it took me a while to really become vocal and engage in the prayer line, but I was listening and learning. I have always felt overlooked and to be on a prayer line and be called out specifically for something I was dealing with really blessed me because I'm like wow God really does care. The one on one private calls for guidance were even more phenomenal and to have my life layed out before me by someone I have NEVER even met and hadn't talk to prior was yet another blessing and I believe coming into contact with JCK Brand has saved my life on more than one occasion. This is true for both me and my husband. We received so much prayer, love and support from this ministry and the sisters of this ministry right before our wedding and also after. The love and support has greatly changed and impacted our lives and the prayer was always on time. The Words God has given us through this ministry are just so promising and refreshing and helps us both strive to do better.

Since I have come into contact with JCK Brand wow I have become more bold! I pray more, I seek God every single day.Through JCK BRAND, I have been set free from anxiety, depression, worry and also constipation, yes constipation (I suffered terribly for years). I have also come out of my comfort zone I have learned to pray out loud and be more vocal when it comes to the things of God. I stay in the spirit more and not always stepping into my flesh when it comes to certain things as well, instead I seek God first. 

I would recommend this ministry as I have plenty of times because it is authentic and truly a gift from God. My life has changed so much since the very first time I joined the prayer line over a year ago. At first I would mute my phone and listen in and not say a word. But while listening in the words begin to pierce my heart and the tears would just flow. That, I believe, was the beginning to my healing process even though I didn't know it at the time and it didn't happen right away. The words that come through are so legit and on point, I mean things that no one else would know but God. It is a very life changing and transforming experience. You have to see for yourself! So Schedule a private phone session with her and join the PRAYER LINE... it's life changing.


Karen Gaines (@ZamierMusic)

I have been blessed by JCK Brand ministry tremendously. I had a python spirit that had choked out my prayer life and during a pop up morning prayer with Linda, that thing broke!!!. I felt it flee immediately and began to weep with relief and tears of joy. I have not been hindered in prayer ever since.

I would and I have recommended this ministry to others needing encouragement.

I enjoy the fellowship with kindred spirits and the opportunity to have someone touch and agree with me on various prayer matters.


Pertecia McCray (@destinedforgreatness30303)

JCK Brand has blessed my life by giving me direction. I have received two words of prophecy from Linda prior to our one on one phone session. EVERYTHING that came forth was confirmation. I felt encouraged to continue to press forward to see those words come to past in my life. Inspite how the enemy maybe fighting me since I received your confirmation, my life has never been the same.

I would recommend others to be apart of your ministry because I know that you hear from God. I know that your prayers reach the ears of our father and bring about change. I recently connected with JCK Brand so I am still believing to see some things come forth on my behalf.


Sasha Ntontolo (@LoveSasha_xo)

JCK Brand has been a blessing to my life in so many ways within such a short period of time. After joining the prayer line, the live Instagram videos, and having a private session, I'm grateful that God has used this amazing servant of His as a vessel to be a blessing to my life and the life of my family through prophecies and prayer. 

I have recommended to many people to this ministry! Immediately after joining the prayer line for the first time I told my sister about this ministry. I would absolutely recommend this ministry to anyone else.

I have learned a lot about maintaining a prayerful life, the importance of fasting, and the significance of following God's principles in regards to sowing and reaping. For the very first time I'm in the process of fasting for 21 days. This ministry has encouraged me to stand up in prayer, to truly seek the face of God, and strive to walk in His ways and be more obedient to God's word. My life honestly hasn't been the same ever since. I just had my testimony that happened yesterday and I know that God is not finished with me yet. Thanks to this ministry. Being connected to a ministry like JCK Brand is honestly nothing short of a blessing. Through this ministry, I can already see how God has been renewing my mind and working in my life. I am super thankful for this ministry and truly pray that God continue to bless JCK Brand in abundance. 


Sally Mangena (@candy_coated_beauty)

JCK Brand has been a bigger blessing to me than I can even express, I "stumbled" upon this page when I needed it the most, during a crossroads in my life and in the time that I have been following jckbrand, I have experienced breakthroughs, blessings and growth in both my spiritual and physical life.

I would recommend anyone to jck brand that truly want to experience the authentic move of God and His spirit. This woman is anointed...yet very humble..

I hold myself accountable a lot more now. Miss Linda is not one to sugarcoat things but everything she preaches comes from love and most importantly GOD. One thing that I have learned is obedience to God and to be uncomfortable in worship.. I'm still learning and changing and have a VERY LONG way to go but I am so different from the person I used to be before God lead me to jckbrand. 


Antwanesha Robinson (@express_luv)

Jck Brand has been a blessing in my life so much so that when I did not know where to start when it came to breaking soul ties and lustful desires Jck Brand gave me daily Goals to abide by. With the help of Jck Brand I was able to break unhealthy soul ties that i didn't even realize I had been carrying. Although i believe in Jesus I needed that extra push to follow Jesus. I can definitely say that Jck Brand was appointed in my direction by our Lord. My faith has grown stronger. Jck Brand is so anointed when it comes to interceding in prayer. I recommend women and men who want to discover that God truly gives us beauty for ashes. My walk with Christ is now on a whole new level due to Jck Brand being obedient to God in the Mighty name of Jesus the Christ. I am thankful that God had already circumcised my heart just before meeting Linda, the founder of Jck Brand.


Doreen Appiah (@itsdoreen)

Linda has been a huge blessing blessing in my life. She cares about her ministry more than she cares for herself. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything to fit into your vision of perfection, she tells you exactly what the Lord has instructed her to do. Through this ministry, I’ve been getting really closer to God through the prayer line. She is truly a woman of God, when she speaks , you can hear the power of God through her. Since my one on one session with her, there has been a lot of changes in my life even though I was disobedient with a certain direction but our God is merciful God so I prayed & I fasted. I used to have really bad chest pains almost everyday for 2-3 years now but after that encounter with Linda, God worked through her to deliver me that I haven’t gotten even a pinch of pain in my chest & it’s been almost a month now. It might sound cliche & whatnot but it’s the truth. God works miracles in people’s life everyday!


Peta-Gaye Campbell (@princess_peta)

Linda the founder of JCK BRAND has been a huge blessing to me and my family. God has use this ministry to elevate me from one level to the next. This ministry has impact on my whole family.I would recommend people to this ministry.

Linda is straightforward and is very passionate about what is she does for people of God that this ministry is assigned to. Linda is a prayer warrior and takes the time to spend with God for direction to lead properly and effectively.

My “Prayer” has been the number one thing that has changed since I’ve  been in divine contact with jck brand on Instagram. And it continues to grow through this ministry. Her prayer lines LIFE CHANGING and very powerful...You have to join it!



•Break Soul Ties

•To build an intimate relationship with Christ

•To overcome the spirit of lust and destroy its foundation!

•To become content while single!

•To never have premarital sex again because you're worth the wait!