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Linda  radiates with the love of the Lord. She transcended barriers and defeated odds that have birthed her purpose in the Kingdom of God.She helps women overcome the cycle of toxic relationships ,heal from traumatic experiences, become whole and gain confidence to walk in their purpose and  live the best live GOD intended them to live. 

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tammi duggs-edwards (@jadensmom1)

Where do I start!? Minister Linda has truly been a blessing to me! You are a genuine anointed woman of God and I am grateful that you allow God to use you in such a mighty capacity. You prayed for me and counseled me during my one-to-one session with you and my life has truly changed. You were able to reveal things  in my life that only I knew of and new things that The Holy Sprit revealed that the enemy was hiding from me! I have witnessed blessings in my own life that I know are the work of God, some of my inner most prayers have been answered, things that I shared with no one.

If a person is truly seeking to hear from God and/or just in need of a true intercessor, there is no one else I would recommend but you- ,you're humble and obedient. Life changing and just pure!


erica richards (@erica_nicole_919)

Minister Linda has been a true blessing in my life. God has used her to shed light on many situations in my life. I thank her for allowing God to use her to bring deliverance to many. Through that obedience, many women of God are being prepared and strengthened with the power and might that only God can provide. She has been used by The Lord to deliver me from extremely painful heartbreak and betrayal. Today, I am walking in freedom and totally healed!

This ministry is truly driven by none other than God himself. It is not a self-loathing or self-serving ministry. This ministry brings healing for the sick, deliverance for the afflicted and peace for those suffering spiritually. This ministry has helped me tremendously and people can see the change in me since I've come across Minister Linda Truly a blessing!I have  had a private phone session with her and it completely changed my life! Especially in the area of betrayal and hurt. You should absolutely join this program, I can only image how 14 days with her will be!


Sherry Dallas ( @jus_shay)

Through Minister Linda, I have been set free from anxiety and depression. I have also come out of my comfort zone I have learned to pray out loud and be more vocal when it comes to the things of God. I stay in the spirit more and not always stepping into my flesh when it comes to certain things as well, instead I seek God first.

I would recommend this ministry as I have plenty of times because it is authentic and truly a gift from God. My life has changed so much since the very first time I joined the prayer line over a year ago. At first I would mute my phone and listen in and not say a word. But while listening in the words begin to pierce my heart and the tears would just flow. That, I believe, was the beginning to my healing process even though I didn't know it at the time and it didn't happen right away. The words that come through are so legit and on point, I mean things that no one else would know but God. It is a very life changing and transforming experience. You have to see for yourself! So JOIN THIS PROGRAM... it's life changing


antwanesha robinson (@express_luv)

Minister Linda has been a blessing in my life so much so that when I did not know where to start when it came to breaking soul ties and lustful desires Minister Linda gave me daily Goals to abide by. With the help of  Minister Linda I was able to break unhealthy soul ties that i didn't even realize I had been carrying. Although i believe in Jesus I needed that extra push to follow Jesus. I can definitely say that Minister Linda was appointed in my direction by our Lord. My faith has grown stronger. Minister Linda is so anointed when it comes to interceding in prayer. I recommend women and men who want to discover that God truly gives us beauty for ashes. My walk with Christ is now on a whole new level due to Minister Linda  being obedient to God in the Mighty name of Jesus the Christ. I am thankful that God had already circumcised my heart just before meeting Linda, the founder of Jck Brand.