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Linda  radiates with the love of the Lord. She transcended barriers and defeated odds that have birthed her purpose in the Kingdom of God.

She helps women overcome the cycle of toxic relationships,heal from traumatic experiences, become whole and gain confidence to walk in their purpose and  live the best live GOD intended them to live. The Lord uses her effectively as an instrument through prophetic prayer, counseling and her many best selling books.

She is also an entrepreneur and Kingdom Financier.

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Donna Felton (@moya.felton)

As I walk through this beautiful park, I reflect on my crazy day yesterday. Wow, God surely has a way of sending you EXACTLY who you need, when you need it! Rewind: yesterday was hectic to say the least. So many crazy things happened during the week. In one situation I went against all of my morals and beliefs and made a BAD choice which I knew I shouldn’t have but I followed my heart instead. It left me emotionally, drained, out of my element and OVER IT! I was in my car driving, asking God for help with a few situations and to also keep me from snapping at the same time. I’m a kind, straight forward, upfront, loving and loyal person and at that very moment while I was driving something inside me broke and I became hardened and bitter. I made a vow to myself that no matter what, NOBODY would ever hurt me again. EFF other people’s feelings and situations.  I went to take care of some business and while I was at my appointment, @Jck_Brand was LIVE on Instagram.

She later asked for my number called me which was totally unexpected because I’ve #NEVER met or spoken to her a day in my life! When she heard my voice she said I sounded “heavy and I was hurting for someone whom I love deeply”.  She began ministering to me about the EXACT situation I was praying about in the car. @Jck_Brand told me #EXACTLY what happened in this situation. She told me about the people who have come up against me and described them perfectly! She began to speak LIFE into me, forgiveness, vindication/ peace!

@Jck_Brand also told me things about my life and my past. She told me things that #only I knew about. There was #no way she could’ve know. She prayed for my children and grandchildren. She broke generational curses in my family at the root, and the stronghold depression has upon me. There is no doubt that #God sent me EXACTLY #who I needed yesterday. Linda I want to thank you and give honor to you! God has truly blessed you with a GIFT and a calling! I’m FAR FROM perfect and THAT’S why he sent someone like you, to be a blessing to someone like me! look forward to my testimony before the end of July!*


Tammi Duggs-Edwards (@JadensMom1)

On Tuesday May, 22, 2018 I joined you for your live broadcast on Instagram and you were praying. This was the very first time that I had ever been on your one of your live broadcast. 

You were praying and then you offered your counseling session for the remaining month of May. 

Thursday May 24, 2018 out of desperation I reached out to you... I felt like I was sinking in quicksand and no one to pull me out or even hear me cry for help. 

I was so blessed that you agreed to schedule a session with me that day.. and within less than 30 minutes you were on the phone with me... praying.

You spoke to my brokeness, heartache, pain, illness and my anger. You even chastised me with the love of God. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. You spoke to me about my past, my current situation and even what God wants to do for me and what I need to do to be in line with His Word.

You are truly anointed. This is no joke. I would tell anyone that you truly have a calling upon your life. I am so Blessed that you have allowed God to use you in such a dynamic way. 

Things that I have been praying about and things that I had been crying out to God and even some of my inner thoughts that I had shared with NO ONE! God allowed you to see it and impart into my life. 

One of the things you told me was that after our session, I would never be the same again... and you are so right.

The next morning I was on the phone with a very dear friend and he said to me, "something about you is different", he then said that I sounded more relaxed and peaceful that he had ever known me to be.

I am still just praising God for His Word, your prayers and you allowing Him to use you in a mighty way. Please continue to let God do a great work in you.

Thank you Woman of God!!!


Keiasha Chanel Scott ( @keiashachanel)

Hi Linda: 

I just wanted to take a minute and give you my feedback from our one on one session we had about 2 weeks ago. This has been our third spiritual session ,and as always the lord used you mightily to bless me on my journey with Christ. The prophesy that went forth recently has been embedded in my spirit like no other message from the Lord and literally transforms me every day. My spirit of conviction in Christ has been amplified to a higher level. My perspective on faith has been transformed as well. I struggled with the principle of sowing due to “church hurt” , but now find myself sowing into people without hesitation. My ability to have a spirit of forgiveness has evolved as well. I have been hurt and disappointed by family for many years , but recently found myself calling them and praying with them with no malice in my heart. My level of discipline in prayer has increased ,and I come before the lord boldly now when dealing with the daily struggles and attacks of the adversary. I say all of this to say THANK YOU FOR ACTIVATING MY PRAYER LIFE AND HELPING ME SHARPEN MY TOOLS OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE. When the lord led me to your page I was spiritually broken and had begun to give up on who I truly was in Christ. I pray the Lord continues to elevate you higher in your ministry. 

Have A Blessed Day,
Keiasha Chanel


Felicia Gray (@gray_86)

Good Morning!

I was hesitant to share my testimony with you but you deserve to know every way the Lord has used you. After you shared Catalina's story I knew I had to email you. Mid November I came across a random post on Instagram and happened to read the comments. In them I stumbled upon a young woman who was commenting over and over about helping people make money. People say that all the time on the internet but there was something about this woman that my spirit would not allow me to ignore so I reached out. She ended up inviting me to one of your prayer calls. I was nervous at first but again my spirit agreed with it and I joined. My intention was just to listen in and pray along but the Lord had something else in store. You prayed for my womanly areas. I was in total faith and came into agreement with your prayer. You had me drink water. And I really thought over time this prayer might work. About 5 minutes after your prayer I began to feel bubbles in my stomach. Not gaseous, it was literally movement. I felt rumblings in my pelvic area as well. I peed all night. In and out of the restroom I swear I peed gallons. That was on November 17th. I have not had ANY pelvic pain AT ALL since that call. To most that may not be a big deal but I have been dealing with almost daily pelvic pain since 2009. I have been to so many doctors, put on meds, tried different birth controls, changed my diet and NOTHING has worked but the power of the living God through you, his faithful servant was all I needed!!! I am so grateful for you sis and CANNOT WAIT to see what all the Lord has in store for His people. I can feel it in the spiritual atmosphere! Thank you, thank you, thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you so that you may continue to bless others!! 


Faith Alvarez (@PositivelyFaith)

I just wanted to send you an email to say THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in a powerful way to heal, restore, prophesy and allowing God to speak through you. I wish I could have words to say how anointed, powerful and pure your words from God are but I do not. All I can say is every time I have called into the prayer line or heard you in InstaLive I stay the entire time and am MOVED spiritually. Your ministry is more than group prayer and encouring words- it is INTENSE and a testimony of the TRUE power of God that this generation is forgetting. Thank you for your obedience. Thank you for not holding back to fit in. Thank you for your rawness. Thank you for your words of truth even if it is hard to take in at times. Your ministry is one that not only helps people but transforms people. I began to listen to the prayer line last year and continued to follow your page and Instagram Lives. I had been seeking God on a higher level and asking God to help me grow and find my purpose. Your page and ministry helped me get there and has been vital this season in my life.  

After the One on One with you- I knew God was present in your ministry in a supernatural way all I could do was cry. You told me things I had planned that I had not told anyone. You pinpointed and prophesied things that you had no way of knowing. The only way you knew was through our glorious Father. On Sunday- I was feeling a bit shaky inside about pursuing my purpose and did not know what to do so I jumped on the prayer line. On the prayer line you specifically called me out and asked others to lift me up. After that night- things shifted. I feel a new sense of power through Christ. I feel energy to do things and ideas with ease to execute. I know it's not me but God and I bless you and everyone who lifted me up that night. Your ministry is one so dear to my heart I am get teary just thinking about it. God is so good and I want to thank you for your obedience and for the true unselfish spirit in which you operate in. I pray blessings over you every day Linda and that God continue to use you as many women will rise to be strong women of God serving God publicly through your ministry and one on one coaching. Your one on one sessions are INVALUABLE. They are life changing and once God speaks through you- the person will never be the same. Bless you Linda. Praise you Father for all good things come from you. Please keep our sister Linda safe, strong and blessed beyond belief. Much love sis! 



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