So, you have been dying to finally find a solution to that particular issue. You have prayed, fasted, spoken to almost everybody about it. You are tired and want to give up! You have downloaded countless, webinars, freebies and courses from Instagram regarding your problem. You are part of multiple Christian Facebook groups, yet NONE of these things are satisfactory. None of these things have delivered the change that you need! Seriously, how long do you want to keep running in this circle! IT COMES TO AN END TODAY!




Prayer line was awesome!!! My spirit was so at peace I was able to REST mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. After a while, the tears stopped flowing and spirit of peace radiated over me to a point I literally felt all of my circumstances being worked out and stripped off of me. Today I am asking for favor and purpose! Such a blessing to be in the midst of God over them!! I pray God continues to anoint your tongue and use as a vessel for his glory!


Good afternoon, I was messaging you with a praise report...So last night I was really tired and was having a bad day. When I got off from work I said to myself that I was just going to go to sleep when I get home. So when I got home I couldn't sleep and I didn't know why but I know God wanted me to here a word and worship last night. WHile on the prayer line I received an email message about a job so I submitted my resume ASAP. Right after that you said someone that they will receive a job that you're not qualified for. The job I'm qualified for but never had that position before. So stay on for the whole call last night and I just had a feeling that someone was going to call me about a job. At 9am this morning the job that I applied for while I was on the call email me and I had an interview an hour later (you said that on the call was well). So to make a long story short. I've had 2 interviews for this job within 3 hrs over the phone (something else that was said on the call) Now I just have to drive to my hometown to meet with the current mgr on Wed and they will make a decision... Oh bonus this job will pay 10,000 more a year then my current job (that was also said on the call as well).



Last night was my first ever prayer call with @jck_brand and my my my!!! The presence and the power of the Holy Spirit was amongst us all she continued to call out things that I had not even spoken to her of!! Things that I had written on my piece of paper in belief that our Lord and savior will bring to pass as I lifted up my voice it was like she knew exactly what was on my heart and on my mind!!! Everything the spirit told us to do I did I grabbed my keys!!! I drank that bottle of water to wash away all the inequities all the hindrances and by the power of God I feel like a new woman today! I knew that I had finally received my deliverance my breakthrough. I cannot wait until this evenings call! I obeyed the spirit and each of its commands from the beginning of the call until the very end. Praise God & God bless you Sister Linda! Breakthrough before 2017 ends no my sisters it is just beginning. 



@JCK_Brand Your prayer line was on fire. You asked if someone's son was ill and it was mine that you prayed over. Each time I go online to your live prayers, your prayers ALWAYS WORK. I've known you for several years and no weapon formed against me ever prospered. You prayed for court hearings and tactics that Exs tried to do, but with all your prayers, nothing ever prospered with the enemies. I always RECEIVED breakthroughs such as victorious court judgments! Last night I prayed for the right MSW program, and today got my student ID for an application I submitted. I also prayed for the right man when it's right timing. Thank you for serving his kingdom and being the light.



Good morning! I was hesitant to share my testimony with you but you deserve to know every way the Lord has used you. After you shared Catalina's story I knew I had to email you. Mid November I came across a random post on Instagram and happened to read the comments. People say that all the time on the internet but there was something about this woman that my spirit would not allow me to ignore so I reached out. She ended up inviting me to one of your prayer call. I was nervous at first but again my spirit agreed with it and I joined. My intention was just to listen in and pray along but the Lord had something else in store. You prayed for my womanly areas. I was in total faith and came into agreement with your prayer. You had me drink water. An I really thought over time this prayer might work. About 5 minutes after your prayer I began to feel bubbles in my stomach. Not gaseous, it was literally movement. I felt rumblings in my pelvic area as well. I peed all night. In and out of the restroom I swear I peed gallons. That was on November 17th. I have not had ANY pelvic pain AT ALL since that call. To most that may not be a big deal, but I have been dealing with almost daily pelvic pain since 2009. I have been to so many doctors, out on meds, tried different birth controls, changed my diet and NOTHING has worked but the power of the living God through you, his faithful servant was all I needed!!! I am so grateful for you sis and CANNOT WAIT to see what the Lord has in store for his people. I can feel it in the spiritual atmosphere! Thank thank you, thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you so that you may continue to bless others!! Blessings



I have not stopped thinking about last nights prayer call, I know for a fact God was in control and I am thankful you allowed The Holy Spirit to use you! Things only God could have known was revealed to you, my silent cries He revealed an I am soooooooooo grateful and happy that I was part of the call! I pray for every woman on this page to get on the next WILL be blessed!


@JCK-Brand Woman of God I can't thank you enough for your sensitivity and your obedience to our Lord Jesus. Listen I bless God for using you continuously. Last night prayer call was pure deliverance and healing. Our God cares about his people and he showed out last night on the small details that are so intimate. We bless God. Love you sis.


Last night's prayer call was awesome! It has been on my mind all day and I am in awe of God. And that was just a taste of what He can do. It was such a blessing to be healed and delivered myself but to also witness the deliverance of my sisters in Christ. It was awesome! I can't wait to hear testimonies myself! To God be the glory! Thank you so much! I will NOT miss another prayer cal!