The Divine Intimacy Program

The Divine Intimacy Program


Let's bring that SILENT STRUGGLE of yours to an end! Linda Chiyoge introduces you to her vision to advance The Kingdom of God’s Daughters to be set free by helping you fall in love Christ and honoring Him, as you enjoy courting without sex before marriage!  

The Divine Intimacy was initially created in June 2016 as a program where over 200 women invested in Linda Chiyoge’s advice, guidance the divine journey towards their spiritual well being. Their lives were transformed and tremendously changed!

The Divine Intimacy has helped women to...

  • Be set FREE and delivered from sexual sins and soul tie bondages.

  • Let go of sexual addictions such as FORNICATION, PORN and MASTURBATION.

  • Become better equipped with strategies, biblical principles and tools that lead them on a NEW, REWARDING, FULFILLING, & DIVINE journey to practicing purity and building an intimate relationship with Christ.

The Divine Intimacy is a life-changing experience that helps women develop and intimate relationship with Christ as they are delivered from lust, fornication and soul ties. It gives you back the power of self control from sexual temptation and helps you build self discipline. It’s time you build your confidence back up so that you can be reminded of how worthy you are as a child of the most high God!

By teaching you that your body is a sacred temple of The Holy Spirit, The Divine Intimacy lives up to its core objectives which are to…

  • Deliver you from strongholds that may have contaminated your soul and polluted your spirit.

  • Supernaturally transform your way of life so that the things you once desired, you will no longer be in search for.

  • Develop Divine Knowledge and deeper understanding of how detrimental sexual activities are in the long run.

  • The after effects that fornication and lustful activities have on your mind, body, soul and spirit.

What are you waiting for? Over 200 women have been able to hear God like never before and fall deeper in love with Him! Day-by-day, with biblical scriptures and inspiration directly from Linda Chiyoge you too can break loose from the distractions of sexual activities such as porn, fornication and masturbation like so many others.

Learn how to refrain from giving your body freely to men and wait in contentment until the day you say "I do!"

Surrender to Jesus and propel your life according to HIS will. Finally, see your life through the eyes of Christ by making daily adjustments in order to please the most high!

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