Hi everyone! This is Linda from @JCK_Brand on Instagram!

At the bottom of the page, the Lord has requested that you sow your seed on fertile ground.

And you will reap a harvest!


DISCLAIMER: I have been on Instagram for the last 4 years ministering to God's people passionately. Pouring out on the prayer line weekly for the last 2 years and ALL of those 4 years many women have been requesting to sow a seed in my life, but I had to decline because The Lord had not yet released me until 3 weeks ago( 4 years later) My point is, do the work of The Lord FAITHFULLY, labor for Him with a pure heart even when you're not being rewarded for it. Especially when no one is watching! In DUE season, He will reward you! So,this definitely NOT about money because if I was, I would have been collecting seed offering for the last 4 years that I have pouring out in people's lives and doing His work. Please watch these amazing testimonies below from those that have sown their seed,....AND SOW YOURS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE



Hello Woman of God. I sowed a seed during our one on one session and the enemy tried to discourage me because I haven't seen a harvest. But I choose to continue to trust in the Lord. This past week, I received a check in the mail for royalties for my book. Never had this happen before, but I remembered what I sowed. I thank God for his harvest!! Also, my contract job was supposed to end in January and it was extended until April. I know it was God honoring my sacrifice!!!



Linda!!!! I have such a wonderful praise report/testimony. Last year when I started the praise line with you, you prophesied to me that within a year that I would get a promotion and pay raise. Last night on the prayer line, you mentioned about sowing a seed which would lead to financial stability and promotions and opportunities and favors. TODAY I took my management test/interview for work. This test is supposed to be FOUR hours long. I completed mine in less than 2 hours.

Not only did I pass my test, I received one of the highest scores ever.

I sowed my seed and received immediate raise! Amen! Praise God!




Good Afternoon Prophetess Linda,

I am giving God the Glory today for signs and wonders. I was on the Instagram Live yesterday (ZamierMusic) and stretched my faith to sow 55.00. I had a bill for a court reporter fee for a deposition in November. Since I am the plaintiff, I am responsible for the payment. The bill was due last Friday and my attorney has been riding me and riding me to pay it. Last Friday was payday and still I was not able to get paid. But I believed God and trust the anointing of this ministry and sowed out of my lack. I also then emailed my prayer request per instructions for healing and financial breakthrough only.

This morning, I ignored the email, text messages and phone calls from my attorney and decided to call the agency to try and make payment arrangements, but before I called I checked my account balance to see just what I was working with and low and behold 673.00 appears on top of the 200.00 balance. I was BLOWN AWAY, for a few seconds, but quickly rejoiced and praising God for His faithfulness and miraculous move on my behalf. I was able to settle the amount and check this out: After January 11, the amount goes from 620.00 to 682.00. They settled for 620.15 this saving me 60.00. LOOK AT GOD!!! Talk about divine favor...

I thank God for your diligence in prayer and the things of the Spirit. I also give our Heavenly Father a big shout out for TRULY He is awesome. Promise Keeper.



I sowed my last $3 yesterday, I received a $1000.00 check in the mail today! All praises to Jesus Christ! Thank you Jesus!