What does this ebook include?  

So for those of you who don't know, I went through a very abusive marriage followed by a traumatic divorce that led in depression and multiple suicidal attempts. As If that was NOT enough, I then experienced 3 other failed relationships. One was was abusive and manipulating, had infidelity issues, constant cheating, and verbaL abuse...the last one ended in betrayal in June of 2015.  

 This ebook covers a wide variety of topics you should know about when you're are courting! It offers biblical counsel from Scripture, practical advice and my own personal experiences of how I am now an overcomer .  

So if you're courting or dating , or desire to date or court of course it is with the intentions of getting married right? Do you seem to keep coming across "bad men" and find your self in relationship that only leads either sex and heartbreak? Would you like to know the RED flags and signs before you get hurt again? In this ebook, you'll discover those signs that you have been overlooking without even realizing it all these years ! YEP! Avoid the headaches and tears my dear. Worry no more, this guide has exactly what you need.  

 And of course you DO want to get married -- God's way, right? You will also learn how to date in a Godly manner while you also prepare yourself for the wonders of being a Godly wife with biblical principles, even before you get married. Thank me later. 


  • You're ready to start courting GOD'S way and need spiritual guidance.
  • Break soul ties.
  • You have been in multiple of horrible relationships that only led to sex and heatbreak.
  • You want to know red flags you have always overlooked in your past relationships.
  • You want to apply bibical principles to your courting life
  • You want the stronghold that is holding your marriage go break You want to learn how to prepre to be a Godly wife.  
  • How to pinpoint and identify RED flags in a relationship BEFORE you get your heart broken.  
  • You want to learn how to discern and hear from God while you're courting/dating.


----Our one on one session was truly AMAZING! I'm so blessed that God led me to your Instagram page earlier this year. Every since I started following you my life has changed for the better! Our session today was truly spirit led. You started our session with prayer and before I even began to tell you my concerns you begin to pray for me in all the areas I had written down. I was SPEECHLESS!!! This alone was confirmation that you are SPIRIT LED!! Only the father in heaven knows how many nights I've cried over the things we discussed during our session. Chains were broken, my heart began to heal, and I truly feel that some weights were lifted off my spirit. You were real with me and honest about my situation.You told me some things that I may not have wanted to hear but needed to hear to truly get my breakthrough. You went beyond our time and we stayed on the phone for 55 MINUTES!! You listened to me,prayed for me, and gave me supernatural advice!!! I'm so excited to start the action plan we discussed. When you come on LIVE on Instagram and on the prayer line its always FIRE!! However,our one on one session was AMAZING,CHAIN BREAKING, and most of all TRANSFORMING!!! I've been praising God all day!! I still have a lot of work to do, but our session allowed me to began the first day of TRUE RESTORATION!!! Thanks YOU JESUS for using this woman of God for your GLORY! Thanks sis!! @Smart_Chica88

----Attempting to place in words the anointing and move of God being so great during our One on One almost feels impossible. Words can't embody the passion and love you feel hearing words leave Linda's mouth. She handles the call with so much grace, but transparent at the same time. She does not allow you to hide behind the smoke and mirrors of life, the wall you've built up of fear and anxiety. I had no idea what to expect from this call, I think as a believer you sometimes expect God to be cutesy and keep from revealing the places that need the most healing. I didn't get what I wanted to hear but needed to hear, I had pushed my life experiences so deep down within myself, I didn't realize I was being held back. There's a raw and real feeling to the call, there was no holding back, there was correction where it needed to be followed by love and a POWERFUL prayer! I am so grateful for the directions, uplifting, and love. My life will truly be forever changed, I am ready to face the world and be all that God has called me to be. Thank you for being so true to who you are in the kingdom. Thank you for my healing and deliverance being more important the amount of money paid for your time. I love you for loving me in a moment I didn't know I needed the love. @Chanda_j_f

I just wanted to send you an email to say THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in a powerful way to heal, restore, prophesy and allowing God to speak through you. I wish I could have words to say how anointed, powerful and pure your words from God are but I do not. All I can say is every time I have called into the prayer line or heard you in InstaLive I stay the entire time and am MOVED spiritually. Your ministry is more than group prayer and encouring words- it is INTENSE and a testimony of the TRUE power of God that this generation is forgetting. Thank you for your obedience. Thank you for not holding back to fit in. Thank you for your rawness. Thank you for your words of truth even if it is hard to take in at times. Your ministry is one that not only helps people but transforms people. I began to listen to the prayer line last year and continued to follow your page and Instagram Lives. I had been seeking God on a higher level and asking God to help me grow and find my purpose. Your page and ministry helped me get there and has been vital this season in my life.

----After the One on One with you- I knew God was present in your ministry in a supernatural way all I could do was cry. You told me things I had planned that I had not told anyone. You pinpointed and prophesied things that you had no way of knowing. The only way you knew was through our glorious Father. On Sunday- I was feeling a bit shaky inside about pursuing my purpose and did not know what to do so I jumped on the prayer line. On the prayer line you specifically called me out and asked others to lift me up. After that night- things shifted. I feel a new sense of power through Christ. I feel energy to do things and ideas with ease to execute. I know it's not me but God and I bless you and everyone who lifted me up that night. Your ministry is one so dear to my heart I am get teary just thinking about it. God is so good and I want to thank you for your obedience and for the true unselfish spirit in which you operate in. I pray blessings over you every day Linda and that God continue to use you as many women will rise to be strong women of God serving God publicly through your ministry and one on one coaching. Your one on one sessions are INVALUABLE. They are life changing and once God speaks through you- the person will never be the same. Bless you Linda. Praise you Father for all good things come from you. Please keep our sister Linda safe, strong and blessed beyond belief. Much love sis! @PositivelyFaith

---JCK Brand and been such a help in my journey to have a full abundant relationship with God. My sister Lynda has been my spiritual help and inspiration. This prayer WARRIOR has given me so much inspiration in seeking my God. Her transparency and honesty have taught me that a relationship with God and not something you have to beg for but something you have to long for. She’s made me feel that I am not alone. Getting on her prayer calls or her Insta Lives will leave you feeling refreshed and hopeful. And worn out because she will pray the heavens down!! LOL!!! My sister does not play. She is obedient to her call from God and I love it. I thank God for her and pray that JCK brand grows and touches millions. I cant wait to hear that she’s having a conference because I will be there to support and cheer on my Beautiful sister in Christ. @feliciasfancy

---I am so excited to type this testimonial. I would like to say that it's not everyday you cross paths with someone who will pray and fast for you. That is the biggest thing for me. We were total strangers yet I felt comfortable being transparent about my life and my background. Ive never submitted a prayer request before recently. As a result of working with Linda, I feel more confident to pursue my real dreams and passions. I am no longer afraid of what God has for me. I don't not have to suffer lack. I am free to be the woman God has called me to be. I am so thankful for Jck Brand. May God continue to bless you as you have blessed others. @mizzashley_3